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Class Schedule

To access online materials,  follow these simple steps:
1. Book your course.
2. Wait for a voucher email.
3. Click on the voucher link and follow the instructions provided. It's that easy!
All certificates are issued by the American Red Cross.
Sasha@PlanetCPR.ORG           559-777-9581

Community First

Planet CPR is a licensed partner of American Red Cross Community Based ORG, specializing in development and training. We take pride in providing top-notch services to our clients.

Group Classes

"Licensed instructor for your group. On-site or scheduled class.

No extra charge.

Minimum of 8 participants.

Book now!"


Get certified in CPR, First Aid, or Lifeguarding with American Red Cross. Our courses are available online or in-person, taught by experienced professionals. Join millions of Americans and sign up today!

Buy here, pick up in class or it ships FREE!

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